Today about 100,000 souls call Corvis their home, and more arrive every day.Corvis is an island of civilization in the roughest part of northern Cygnar. The next closest major town is Point Bourne about eighty leagues down the Serpent’s Tongue River to the west. You can follow the river all the way to the end, past Tarna and finally arriving at Five Fingers. Don’t go there unless you’re looking for a rough time, need to do some gambling, or like the company of scoundrels. There’s also Bainsmarket on the other side of the Dragonspine Peaks; it’s actually closer to us than Point Bourne but only if you’re a bird. They just finished the train line there up from Fharin last year, but with the mountains in the way, it doesn’t do us any good. In Corvis, trade is all about the rivers. With the swamp the way it is, they’ll never get a train in this city.

Most of the folk in Corvis are human, but there are some Rhulfolk dwarves living here, and you might spot the rare elf from Ios if you look close enough. If you need a smith’s services there’ll be some fine shops in the armorer’s bourg. If you need to find some muscle, there’ll be thugs for hire at the waterfront. There’ll be trouble there for you too if you aren’t careful—the river folk are a tough lot. Keep to the merchant’s bourg at night where the watch is always close at hand. Corvis has seen folk tougher than you floating in the harbor come sunup.

Being built in a swamp and such, space is precious, and the folks of Corvis tend to build up rather than across. Down at street level lost in the mists are the rough stone structures of Old Corvis. Built on top of them are the elegant spires of New Corvis—home to the merchant elite. In between are shops and homes of the regular folk, and it’s all connected by a maze of ramps, bridges, canals and tunnels that would drive a dwarven engineer mad!

The wonders of Corvis, like so much else in the Iron Kingdoms, wouldn’t have been possible without the advent of the steamjacks. The first of the metal giants were brought to the city about 300 years ago, where they helped with laying foundations on stone shipped from quarries as far away as Fharin and even Rhul. Fighting against the swamp has been an ongoing battle, and the ‘jacks have helped keep us on top. They cut stone for new buildings, help with roads, and have become a mainstay at the docks. If you’re curious to see one of the famous steamjacks in action, you need only visit the docks—there are always some there hauling cargo about.


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